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JoLanda is a business therapist, creative strategist, and soul healing counselor. Prior to full-time entrepreneurship, she held respected professional roles focused on empowering others and serving the community she lived. While in California, she served as Project Manager for a newly developed Children’s Psychological Clinic, Family Specialist for families with children experiencing a mental health crisis, and Deputy Managing Director at N.A.T.H.A. focusing on employment reentry for a high-risk and underserved community. In Wisconsin, she has served as a Pre-Vocation Instructor, Club Manager for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, and Director of Programming for Lead2Change, a youth career-ready organization.

As a being healed one, JoLanda believes if you heal your soul, you heal everything. She is called to walk alongside others on a healing journey that releases emotional freedom, grows businesses exponentially, and changes lives radically. JoLanda began a healing journey during the restoration of her marriage in 2007 and has remained on the journey personally, as a counselor, facilitator, and companion in various healing communities.

We are all on a journey, and I know personally the freedom and joy that can be experienced when light shines into dark places. As a redeemed one of complex trauma, I never ask anyone to do work I haven’t personally done and truly believe brings deep healing and restoration.


Qualifications and Education:

Springfield College, Springfield, MA (May 2020)

Master of Science in Human Services in Mental Health Counseling

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA (Aug 2014)

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in Pastoral Counseling

University of Phoenix, Tempe, AZ (Jun 2011)

Master of Arts in Education in Adult Education and Training

University Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM), Milwaukee, WI (Dec 2003)

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Adult & Adolescent Anger Management Certification

Life Space Crisis Intervention Certification

Licensed Professional Counselor-IT

Substance Abuse Counselor

American Counseling Association

Healing Care Ministries Caregiver Certificate

Desert Stream Ministries - Living Waters Coordinator

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