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Director Come Away with Me Retreats

Destry has been a part of Healing Care Ministries for over 17 years. She is an experienced Healing Care Group leader and the Director of the Come Away with Me Retreats.

First and foremost she is a mom to two amazing teenagers, and she spends much of her time supporting them in whatever they need. Second she is a pastor's wife and desires to see growth and transformation in her church, so she leads Healing Care groups on a regular basis as well as works with individuals seeking deeper healing and care through the church.

She grew up in the church and made a personal commitment to Jesus when she was 5. She was taught and nurtured in the foundations of scripture most of her life. She went to her first healing retreat in collage when she was 23, ad this was the beginning of of the healing journey for her and the journey of knowing Jesus in a more intimate way.

She considers it a great honor and privilege to walk with others on their journey of healing. Destry knows that the power of the Holy Spirit is what brings transformation and it is a great joy to be a witness to that power through her role in Healing Care Ministries.


Education & Qualifications:

MA Clinical Pastoral Counseling

Training in Formational Prayer

Leader Healing Care Groups

Home Intervention Counselor, Catholic Charities

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